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Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales.
July 1,1961 to August 31,1997
   On Sept 4, 1997 I was called upon to send the spirit of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, into the light. I have decided to share that story, exactly as I described it at the time in emails to several psychic friends to whom I wrote to asking for confirmation of this extraordinary event. They confirmed it.

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A brief synopsis.
   Wed. Sept 3, 1997: After speaking to an internet friend in England, and hearing of how the whole country was awash in grief over the sudden passing of Lady Diana, I was drawn to invoke Earth energy to heal England's grief. I often take a hot bath to do such large scale energy work. The water helps to ground the intense energies and keep my physical body from getting overcharged by the intense energy and poluted by the Karma I am transmuting. I drew the Earth energy up through Stonehenge and Avebury, and the ley lines. When I surrendered my work to Goddess, the effect went worldwide.
   At one point in the trance of invocation it seemed obvious to call on the Lady herself to help me out with it. There I was, sitting in my bathtub holding hands with the ghost of Lady Diana. (It didn't seem strange, at the time.. strange things happen in the unemotional state of psychic trance. It seemed odd only in hindsight.) When the ritual was over, I was left with a nagging sense of something left incomplete, but I could not think what it was. I trusted that Goddess would let me know, if there was more to be done.
   The next day I was speaking of the event to a friend, and he helped me realize why there was a sense of incompletion to the ritual.. I had forgotten to send Lady Diana into the I did. The next day, Sept 5, the Queen publicly altered her attitude.

    I scratched my head about that event for a while.. wondering "Why me?" There are thousands of psychics around the world who are doubtless capable of handling a simple ghost rescue.. It seemed the reason was because I was not grieving. I had never paid much attention to the Royals, and so I did not have any attachment to Diana, unlike the grieving millions whose emotions were holding her back. The previous ritual had given me the power to cut through the emotional attachment of millions to set her free.
   I explained to her that she had to go into the light to get her orientation and find out the Divine purpose of her life and death, and then she would be better equipped to come back and watch over her boys. Her biggest grief was that of a Mother. She went thru the portal and was back in about a minute, glowing radiant.
   Since then I have read many accounts of Diana appearing to people in dreams an visions, and I am not at all surprised. She was a stong and compassionate spirit.

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Date:         Mon, 8 Sep 1997 14:11:02 -0600
Subject:      In service to Goddess...
Angelique wrote:
  I am a pretty brave person, with my expressions.. but I had a magical
experience last week I was unwilling to tell, till I found some
confirmation. I did not question the experience when I was in it, but my
humble limited ego self had a hard time with it, afterwards. Many thanks to
Carol and her guide Morasin for the confirmation. Whew!

   On Sept.5, 1997 Angelique wrote:
   (Wed. Sept.3.) After speaking on the phone with a friend in England, I decided to cast a spell on the planet. England drowning in grief, the rest of the planet in empathy, I decided to do some big healing. Why not?

   I had a relaxing hot bath, asked for support from various helpers, and started fountaining unconditional love out of Stonehenge, flowing it out over England.. heart Chakra green light .. then woke Avebury, then poured it up from the Earth out of vortexes and portals all over the planet, letting Gaia pick which ones to awaken.

    At one point in the visualization it occurred to me as an obvious thing, to call Di herself to get involved. Holding her etheric hands, we focused on unconditional love and faith growing over grief, lessons being understood, whatever they may be for each individual. The power of her love felt tremendous. Her concern for those she had left behind was clear. England seemed to glow a mossy heart chakra green after. Looked like mold, almost. Penicillin. Soft green light all over the planet spreading.
    Tonight (late thursday Sept 4, 1997) I brought a friend out of a Dark night of the Soul that has lasted since April. Suicidal last week, God this week..
   Working with him, at one point I looked in his eyes and said "What God wants, God gets", and his Kundalini went off like rockets, he jumped up pacing and stretching as his bones charged electric, trying to release the intense energy.. limitations burning away. Finally I sent him into the shower to let the water re-balance him. Told him to keep repeating "What God wants, God gets" as a mantra, but not come out till he stopped twitching.
    He returned, and we worked through a few smaller things (smaller than realization of Godhood, that is..:) ) It occurred to me to ask his spirit where we had known each other before.. many questions, we pieced together this picture.
    He was a warrior, serving a very unusual Noble lady somewhere 14 century British Isles. He was sworn to serve and protect, but never to touch.. chaste and celibate.. this was a source of sadness that had followed nameless into this lifetime. He had died protecting me..
    I took him in my arms and thanked him for his service, he had done me much honor, and I was proud and grateful. I released him from all bonds and vows. Tears flowed. Then I asked him to go back before birth into that incarnation so he could understand the soul agreement behind his service that lifetime, and free himself.
    He sensed it, we had work to do, I had asked him to help me.
   I asked more about the Lady I had been .. He said people feared me, but they did not know why.. I dressed unusually. A dress with metal symbols sewn on it, like armor.. spiritual protection. Stars and disks dangling like bells.. I recognised pentacles separated into their parts for secrecy.. Magic. He saw himself walking up spiral stairs to the top of a castle tower, where I was working to invoke the energy of the land to heal a great sadness..

   *!*!!!* Waitaminute.. I said! That's what I was doing yesterday! Wot?

   I told him about my bathtub spell casting, (he said he had felt it, at the time it occured) and of meeting Diana. She seemed to be present with us, as we spoke of the grief that had been hanging over the planet. He mentioned feeling Diana's own grief.
   "Wot? DIANA'S GRIEF!??! Oh dear, she hasn't gone into the light yet!!" I said... realizing what I had forgotten.
   "No, she hasn't" he said. Her fear and pain was in his voice.
    When I felt her yesterday, we were working with the grief of all those she left behind. I was so focused on that work that it never occurred to me she was not yet clear herself.. some of the grief was her own. I thought she'd gone into the light and come back already. Typically, she was tending to the needs of others before her own.. no wonder something seemed left unfinished yesterday. I didn't concern myself. I knew Goddess would let me know what else there was to be done, when the time was right. She had, through my friend.
   "Oh honey.." I said to the spirit Di, "You don't understand it, you can't see the perfection yet, the beauty that you created with this!! You have to go into the light, to understand it all is as it should be.. come inside me, I will open a path for you..
   I relaxed and opened my arms, opened up a gate of light inside myself and invited her to go through it, and follow the light thru the tunnel to where her already departed loved ones wait for her. I promised she could come back to help later. I opened a gate beside myself with my mind, in case she preferred not to go through me, respectful of her English reserve. I kept talking till we felt her go. My friend said he saw her sprout wings and fly off as an angel. I felt a ripple, like a sigh go through the structure of energy created yesterday, like a little squeak of joy from the planet.
   It was very beautiful.. as we contemplated what had just taken place, I laughed quietly and said to my friend: Betcha ya always wanted to meet the Princess of Wales, eh?
    Life continues to be amazing. Feedback Welcome.
    Blessings, A.

    I guess the real sticking point that made it hard for me to believe, was that healers all over the world were focused on Diana, and me being the one to actually do the deed seems incredible. Oy.

Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 10:04:00 -0700
From: Carol Hathor
Halo All, I know this is lengthy; it contains a channel from Morasin after Mystress' communication to me. I have encouraged Angelique to post it because so many of us are way more globally-powerful than we will allow ourselves to believe. And with her as an example, perhaps more of us will realize how important we are to the overall scheme of things.
How's this for a planetary healing.....
   Carol Hathor

    Carol & Morasin Wrote:
   Halo Mystress Angelique,

   I was going to do this tomorrow; I have to be gone to Spokane in a few hours, but after reading Ruth T's post about Diana, I felt the Goddess should not wait. I just tuned into Morasin and asked if you had indeed contacted Di and he said "Yes, she did." So now I would like his comments on the healing you and Di did together.

    Morasin: Yes, my beloved, indeed I am here. We shall not be pulling any hocus-pocus about this one. I will not play with you but tell you your treasured truth that you rely so heavily upon. So be it.

   Now, Lady Diana had an affiliation with Mystress Angelique in a past time and also this one. The past affiliation was as "country girls", school girl buddies in a past time when they lived in rural Europe. They both decided to have previous connections to Europe, to the culture there, as they wanted to play a role in these, your current events. Hence it was necessary that they become fellow "countrymen" in a past era, when the Anglo-Saxon mindset was first being promulgated in those regions. Neither of you has had past lives in the Royal family that currently reigns in England; your royal blood, Angelique, comes from another family, this unusual Lady you speak of, which was YOU in this message of your former incarnation. The bloodlines you came from then were of the gypsy strain, before they were ousted from their region and cast as travellers. Now. As you know, what we call majic or shamanism, or advanced psychic sensitivity, is a soul attribute of yours; it is not tied to a bloodline of a family you would choose to incarnate into.
    As you know, your work with Diana is not over. For although she is in a state of peace and comfort now, she still beckons humanity into greater compassion and caring, love for all races and all creeds. She still wishes for this agenda to continue, and she needs for you to tell her that she can accomplish her desires on the subtle planes JUST AS EFFECTIVELY as she could in the physical. She is not currently consciously aware of this. It has to do with her belief system, which, by the way, applies to all of you. Merely by dying you do not become enlightened. You're still the same old you! Only YOU change your attitudes, beliefs. This does not magically happen when you pass this plane.

   Love ya,
   Carol Hathor

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