Angelique writes:

   "I have been having spiritual experiences all my life, for most of my life I did not realize that my experiences and awareness were not "normal". I presumed that everyone had these experiences, but didn't talk about them. In the course of a life with so many spiritual experiences, I have acquired many qualifications. I am a Shaman, a Shaktipat Master, a pagan 3rd Degree High Priestess, a Yogina, an empath, a clairvoyant, a chaneller and I do Reiki. I have been doing Hatha Yoga and chanelling white light since I was 16, and have been active in the "New Age" scene as a spiritual guide and Tantric teacher for many years. It is the most fulfilling, rewarding work, and there is nothing I would rather do. So beautiful, to watch people growing."

Shamanism works with nature spirits and psychic power to guide and heal.
blue ball  Kundalini
Shaktipat, Kundalini awakening, guidance and balancing.
blue ball  Empathic Healing
Angelique has an amazing ability to feel other people's emotional or physical dis-ease in her own body. She can feel your pain, so she will know what you need.
blue ball  Energy Work.
Angelique does Reiki, Chi healing, Aura cleansing, energy balancing and Shaktipat.
blue ball  Emotional Release
Emotions held in the body can lead to illness. Let them out!
blue ball  Soul Retrieval
Sometimes, under stress, we give our power away and parts of ourselves get lost.
blue ball  Spiritual Guidance
Channeling, psychic guidance, spiritual training.
blue ball  House Clearing
Haunted? Ghosts, entities or bad vibes left by previous occupants can be cleared, and your home or workplace shielded from unwanted spirit activity.
blue ball  Spiritism, Entity Possesion And Transitions.
Comunicating with ghosts, Angels, Spiritul Guides, nature spirits or loved ones who have passed on. Assisting transitions.
blue ball  Inner Child
The child within us never dies or grows up. You can learn to re-parent your inner child by calling on your Higher Self to be its Faerie Godmother, and heal yourself through time.
blue ball  Sacred Marriage
The Unconscious mind is the opposite gender of the body, and unity with this Divine Beloved Soul mate is the greatest romance there is!
blue ball  Tantra Training
Angelique is a Self Realized being, and an experienced Tantric Teacher. She offers in person or on-line training.
blue ball  Sexual Healing
Is your sexuality repressed or wounded? Angelique can help you heal. (No sexual contact.)
blue ball  Crystals
Crystals are a wonderful, magical way to rebalance the body and promote spiritual growth! In person sessions only.
blue ball  Testimonials
Comments from people who have experienced Angelique's amazing gifts.
blue ball  F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions.
blue ball  Appointments
Love transcends time and space. You can make an appointment to see Angelique in person, or she can work with you remotely by telephone, email, chat or .


email me! for an appointment, or if you have any questions about her services.

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