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 Emotional Release.
   Emotions held in the body can lead to illness. Let them out!

   All physical illness has an emotional cause at its root. The physical illness is the body's way of drawing attention to the emotional causes. The emotional causes are your Karma.
   It is simplest to think of Karma as the emotional content of memories. Not the memories, but how you feel about them, and how those feelings affect you. The expression, "once burnt, twice shy" describes it well. The negative emotional memory of pain from the past, causes a negative reaction in the present.
   Negative experiences create limiting beliefs, that we cherish as "lessons". Like, "nice guys finish last", or "life is hard then you die". Our beliefs affect the choices we make, and therefore our experiences: that is Karma manifesting.
    Some people think they need to hang onto the Karma until they get the lesson from it. We grow up in school, and spend the rest of our lives thinking that everything is a lesson. Often, life is not about lessons, life is about experiencing life. If there is a lesson, Angelique will tell you what you need to know.

   The human body has an electrical field generated by activity in the nervous system. This is part of the Aura, although the aura is spiritual energy as well.

   Angelique says: "When I look at someone with clairvoyance, I can see where in the body these old memories and blockages are. I get an intuitive sense of what past or current event or issue is causing the blockage. I do energy work to release the negative energy so the body and mind comes back into balance."

   The whole of the nervous system holds memories, not just the mind. Every nerve and cell in the body is capable of retaining memory. Old negative emotional memories held in the body cause stress. The muscles around the nerves that hold the memories tighten with the remembered stress. Wilhelm Reich called this effect "body armoring", and Angelique calls it "karma". This is part of how old remembered stress affects health. The stress tension in the muscles affects the nervous system and interferes with circulation and the flow of chi life force in the body's electrical field. The eventual result is dis-ease, physical or emotional.
    When the "emotional baggage" of negative emotional memories is cleared, the body automatically returns to it's natural state of health and well being. The memories are not lost, but they lose their emotional charge. There is a perceptual shift.
    What we call good karma is usually the bright memories, but those can become addictions that have a negative effect, as well. Think of the compulsive gambler trying to recreate that one "lucky" win, or someone longing to recapture the "Glory days" of their youth, and not appreciating their present.
   While usually the release process is painless and silent, sometimes it may trigger an emotional reaction, which can range from laughter to tears, to re-awakening an old forgotten memory or even evoking a scent or mental images. Generally these feelings and sensations are transient, lasting only a few moments. It is simply a side effect of the Karma saying goodbye on its way out. When it is gone, it is gone forever. You will retain the memories themselves, but they will seem distant. The emotional "charge" that made them painful, is gone.

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Angelique is not a medical Doctor or a psychiatrist.
Angelique does not prescribe drugs or do surgery.
Intuitive healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine.
It is in *some* cases an alternative, more often a complement to conventional medicine.
Empathic healing is sometimes able to help people where conventional medicine has failed,
but it is still advisable to see a Doctor for your symptoms.
"Trust to Allah but tie up the camels."
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