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Balancing energy with crystals.
Crystals are a wonderful, magical way to re-balance the body and promote spiritual growth! In person sessions only.

   Crystals are self aware, sentient beings whose consciousness is unified with All that Is. In a crystal layout you relax with your eyes closed, lying on your back while Angelique listens to the crystals themselves telling her where on your body they need to be placed, and for how long. The crystals do the work of balancing your energy, opening your chakras, and clearing blockages from your system.

   Some people who get a crystal layout from Angelique have out of body experiences where they travel among the stars, witness the big bang, or travel deep within themselves to see the inner workings of their body and spirit.

   Angelique says: "Crystal layouts are a lot of fun! It is beautiful to see the love within these stones as they transmit their positive vibrations to the human body and mind. Getting a layout is a very relaxed session. Most people who experience the power of the crystals feel joyously uplifted for days afterwards."

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