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Tantric Teacher
   Angelique is a Self Realized being, and an experienced Tantric Teacher. She offers in person or on-line training.

   Tantra means "path", as in "Path to enlightenment". While in the west, Tantra has come to be associated with sacred sexuality, there are also many ancient, celibate forms of Tantra.

   Angelique has been teaching about Tantra for many years. She started exploring Tantra for herself in 1987 and began leading Tantric workshops in 1995. She has taught many people, individually, in workshops and over the internet. She is experienced with both the sexual and celibate forms of Tantra. Recently Angelique created an on-line Kundalini Tantra course that uses web pages, streaming video and a members only private bulletin board to communicate the wonderful mystical secrets which she is so knowledgeable in. This course is receiving great reviews from the students who are participating in it.

   For more information about the on-line course, or individual Tantra training, please contact Angelique.

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email me!   for an appointment, or if you have any questions about her services.
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