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Kundalini: Shaktipat, Guidance and balancing.
Shaktipat, Kundalini awakening, guidance and balancing.

Are you:
  • Feeling like there must be more to life than what you have experienced so far?
  • Ready to turn your life over to a Higher Power; your own Divine Spirit?
  • Seeking Shaktipat, to awaken your Kundalini?
  • Spontaneously having visions, hearing voices and energy surges, and afraid that you are going mad?
  • Awakened, and having a difficult time coming to terms with your experience?
  • Feeling like your Kundalini process has somehow become stalled or blocked?
  • Trying to get in touch with the "inner Guru", the still, small voice of Truth within?

       Angelique writes: "I am truly blessed to have been a Shaktipat Master (Mystress) since 1986, although back then I did not know to call it that. I did not understand the strange catalyst effect I seemed to have on people, if I spoke to them about Spirit. I thought it was somehow related to my many past life memories of doing Magic. As it turned out, I was right.. but I did not know then, that I incarnated to be a vessel of this Divine energy. In service to the mass consciousness shift that is the current wave of Kundalini awakenings happening all over the planet. An evolutionary shift that is unprecedented in all human history."
       "For the past several years, most of my work has been assisting spontaneously awakened people with their process, clearing Karmic blockages, and granting Shaktipat to those who seek to become awakened."

       Kundalini Shakti is the Cosmic Consciousness of the universe, Divine Wisdom. The Shakti is the God-force, the Goddess-force. It is the wisdom of the Infinite that is outside of time, the power of the Holy Spirit.
        It is also referred to as the Light, but it is more. In the Biblical creation story it it is written "God said, 'Let there be Light', and there was Light". Shaktipat the term for when the the energy and wisdom of the Divine Consciousness that created the Light, is channeled through a human vessel, to awaken the Kundalini within another.
       Shaktipat is the descent of Grace from Master to seeker. Angelique is a Self Realized Shaktipat Master, who can channel the Shakti to a receptive person, to awaken the Kundalini within them, and start them on the path of Enlightenment.
        Kundalini means "coiled" and in the Eastern religions, it is said to take the form of two Serpents coiled sleeping at the base on the spine, what is referred to as the Root Chakra. Shaktipat awakens these serpents, and they begin to uncoil and ascend. The caduceus, the ancient medical symbol of healing is a symbol of fully awakened Kundalini. Two serpents coiled around a central rod that is the spine, and the circle of the halo above. The wings are symbolic of two fountains of energy that come through the shoulder blades from the fully opened heart chakra, the Holy Grail.
       As they ascend, they open the psychic senses, and Cosmic consciousness. They gradually purify the body, mind and Spirit to become a transparent Vessel of Divine Will. 
       That is why this symbol is associated with legendary Messengers from God-dess. The wand of Hermes, the rod of Moses, the wings of Angels. Yet, far from being so rare, Kundalini is the birthright potential within every human being. We are *all* manifestations of Divine Will, we all carry the potential of that divine Spark within us.
       The imperative of Kundalini, is surrender. Only seek awakening, if you are truly prepared to surrender your individual free will to follow the path of Divine Will for you. "Not my Will but Thine be done." If you do, then instead of being a human seeking a Spiritual experience, you come to know your True Self: an infinite, eternal Spirit, incarnated to have the experience of being Human.
       Angelique says: "I have come to know that the symbol of the twin serpents has another meaning: The double helix of DNA. Humans have 2 ways to evolve. One is by directing the sexual energy outward, into procreation. DNA combining to make new forms. The other way is through Kundalini. Redirecting that same sacred creative Divine energy inward, so it rises up the spine and awakens the hidden potential of the individual DNA, the subtle sense of intuition and instinct, the dark 90% of the mind. Kundalini awakens to evolve the individual, to manifest their highest potential on every level. Spiritual, mental and physical."

       Visit Angelique's other sites for more information about Kundalini, awakening, and the Kundalini Gateway list community.

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