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   The Unconscious mind is the opposite gender of the body, and unity with this Divine Beloved Soul mate is the greatest romance there is!
Falling in Love with Your Self.

    Ever since you were a little child, when you daydreamed about the Person you would someday marry, you probably had a face in your mind.. or an impression of what your "ideal mate" would be like. Some people spend their whole lives searching for that face or personality. "Looking for Mr./Ms. Right"... but never finding them.
   That person is real, but they only exist within you. Carl Jung said that the unconscious mind is the opposite gender of the body. Anima/animus. Most people think that is only a pretty metaphor for understanding consciousness. Not so. Your body really holds two people, male and fem. Your ego, and your unconscious/subconscious body-mind. Your body-mind is a *being* who (usually) manifests as the opposite gender of your body. Your true soul mate. Your "better half."

    This is the "Divine Beloved" of Eastern Mysticism.
   The deepest level of the Unconscious is the Collective Consciousness. The collective holds not only your memories, but all the memories and experiences of everyone who ever lived. The body-mind connects to the Cosmic Consciousness. Infinite wisdom. Infinite unconditional love and compassion, God-dess, All that Is, rises up from the Collective and takes a unique form that you can love, within you so you can have a personal mystical sexual soul mate relationship with your own Divinity. Your Divine Beloved can give you infinite, unconditional love, knows you better than anyone else ever could, and has Divine power to make your life more beautiful and fulfilling than your ego-mind could ever imagine.
    Angelique can play "matchmaker", and introduce you to your Divine Beloved. If you have ever seen a stage hypnotist, you have some idea of the power of the unconscious mind, to shape perceptions and create experiences. It is through this same dynamic, that the Divine Beloved can become real to you, so you can feel their touch, hear their words, know their love.

   Angelique says: "Falling in love with another person, is an illusion of projections. We project our Divine Beloved onto an external person, and then try to change them to make them more like the love we have in mind. Of course, they always fall short of our expectations, and then there is heartbreak. The sacrament of marriage reads 'Let these two be joined as one.' Mutual projections. Two half people trying to make one whole one."
   "You have to love yourself, before you truly can love anyone else. The Sacred Marriage, is the relationship with your Divine Beloved. Learning to love yourself, becoming whole within yourself. This is the greatest love affair on Earth, of which all other physical love affairs are but a pale shadow."

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