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   Spiritism is the art of communicating with Spirits, whether they be ghosts, entities, ascended Masters, or the Old Gods of the collective consciousness. In times past it was called Mediumship, and was associated with the Victorian seances with their bugles, table tapping and ectoplasmic manifestations.. which often, proved to be faked.
    Modern spiritism dispenses with all of these un-necessary theatrics, to focus on the essential value in communication with discarnate entities. Such value is essentially, limited. Every person has an inherent, perhaps untapped ability to speak with their own Divinity, inside of themselves which makes the need for a Spirit to be "middleman" somewhat superfluous... so most of the work of Spiritism consists of releasing Spirits and entities so the inner Divine Light can shine more brightly.

   Angelique is a Shaman, who has the ability to walk the underworld of the dead and communicate with all manner of Spirits. She prefers to limit these activities to a few useful and essential aspects: The rescue of lost souls, the removal of malicious entities, offering comfort to the bereaved, and helping the dead and dying with that vital transition.

   "Rescue" work, is the job of sending stuck ghosts into the Light, whether it is a house haunted by a long dead stranger, or a dearly departed relative who needs a helping hand to ascend. Most ghosts are lost souls who do not even know they are dead, and once they have been informed of that sad fact, are only too willing to move on into the light. Some ghosts do know they are dead, but are traumatised by the "life review" that is a part of the after death experience and are afraid to ascend into the Light. Some simply cannot bear to leave their loved ones, not realizing that once they go into the light, illusions of time and distance disappear, and they may be allowed to return as wise and loving guides. Any ghost who has not gone into the Light, is still stuck in the memories of it's own residual ego, working with it's own agenda. Such beings are not worthy to be a guide for anyone, and can be disruptive to the living.

   Entities can take many forms, from children's imaginary playmates, to spirit helpers and other beings deliberately created by acts of magic. Most are created accidentally. Give enough energy to anything, even a persistent thought, and it can "wake up" and become sentient. So, sailors refer to their boats as "she" and people name their cars. A persistent worry can take on a life of it's own. It becomes a thought form entity that can spread and multiply. These entities can range to harmless "memes" like the word "groovy" to the vicious propaganda of the Third Reich.
   Some entities are malicious. They deliberately try to get human attention, because without it they gradually fade to nothing, like an old photograph. Some entities are attracted by certain situations, because human attention and emotional energy is their food. They are parasites who will try to disrupt your life to feed themselves. Most children are somewhat intuitively sensitive to spirits. A child who is afraid of the dark can attract all manner of negative entities who will increase the child's fear so they can feed on the emotion.
   Some psychics take a lot of time and effort to remove ghosts and entities, but if they do not send them into the light, the entities will simply go find another host. Angelique is very gifted, and can permanently dispose of such beings by sending them into the light, with just a few moments focused thought. Because of her gifts, Angelique has been called upon by the Higher powers to assist with transitions as varied as sending the Spirit of Lady Diana into the Light, to transmuting the 600 ghosts of the Titanic, when she discovered that the emotional energy of the film was drawing them up from the depths.

   Angelique says: "To me, clearing ghosts and entities is is such easy work that it feels trivial. Still, I recognise what an amazing difference it can make to someone, to be free from harrassment by discarnate entities. E=MC2, energy is matter and matter is energy, so entities really can affect emotional health and wellbeing. It is important to be rid of them. Usually when I am doing this work, I also teach people how to clear ghosts and entities themselves... anyone can do it, once they learn how. Transitions are much more challenging, but very rewarding."

   Angelique's work of assisting transitions can take 2 forms. She can assist the spirits of the recently departed to navigate the Bardos of the under worlds into the light. She also can help the dying to release their fear of death, by guiding them into a conscious near death experience, so they can know the joy of the Light in advance of their physical body's passing.

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