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Clearing the 600 ghosts of the Titanic.
(Edited from emails sent to a list.)
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   Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 Angelique wrote:

    I have a friend who is very psychic... he brought a guest last night who he'd told about me, who really wanted to meet me, and was not sure why.
   I have learned to recognise the confusion of curiosity that comes of half-heard promptings from someone's higher self. Gave her K-fire. Woke the heart voice.
   Then she understood why she had instinctively wanted to meet me. .. LOL!
   When I asked her to ask the heart voice "by what term shall I refer to you? What are you?" - a tricky question to begin with, since Goddess is nameless -- there was an energy shift, and then it said it's name was Moira. Wot?
   .. an uninvited guest.. they had just seen "Titanic".. the uninvited guest was an Irish maid who followed them home from the theatre. She was knocked unconscious when a hatch cover fell on her head, and drowned when the ship sank. A ghost-toastie from the Titanic. I spoke to her and persuaded her into the light of my own heart.. shivered as she went out my crown.
    It was in the highest good. When Moira had gone, my human guest told me she had also been haunted by a small child at a previous residence. Summoned it, sent it off into the light, as well.. this time into her heart and out her crown chakra --a tight squeeze, being newly opened. She said it felt like giving birth out the top of her head. Angels helped.
    The ghost's presence showed me what the seeker needed to learn. If not for it's interference, I'd not have thought to teach such a newbie to do a "rescue", or to teach her the difference between hearing a ghost, and hearing the Heart voice of Goddess within. Since she is prone to hauntings, it is good for her to know.
    I trust my house spell.. if the ghost had not been in the highest good, it would have been tossed out by the house Guardians before we even noticed it's presence.
   Protection from spirits is easy.. but toss 'em out, pass the buck.... they just go bug someone else. Sending them Home instead is merciful. Wandering lost spirit, is not an enviable state to be in.

    Then we three sought more info on Titanic spooks.
   There are over 600 ghosts associated with that old wreck.. many who survived the sinking never recovered from the trauma, and so haunt it anyway. Some went there after death, seeking loved ones they had lost and never stopped grieving for.
   Attention to this film is bringing them out of the deeps and into the theatres.
   This may be in the highest good. Some folks have run away from scary hauntings, and into Goddess' arms. That is part of the purpose of the dark. So we may have free will choices to choose from.
   But I feel called to do a mass rescue. Send them Home.
   Goddess gave me the idea, I trust She'll give me the energy to do the deed. The Captain will help..

    I find myself wondering, what would the planet feel like, if we cleansed all of the old battlefields, and all of the cemeteries and concentration camps of the lost souls that wander there?

    I am also wondering if the movie box office returns will drop, once there are no longer spirits providing their stuck emotional energy for ambience?
    (Note: They did.. "Titanic" dropped in popularity soon after.)

   Sun, 25 Jan 1998 16:53:44 Angelique wrote:
   It is done.
   Last night, I asked my friend who gave me the number 600+ ghosts on the Titanic to do another check on the numbers.. less than 20 faint shadows left, he said, puzzled.
    I was looking for independent confirmation so I did not tell him We had done the work, already.
   I spent a lot of time thinking about how to acomplish the mass rescue. There were issues of free will consent, and I really did not want to send them all on, individually. I resolved it by the nautical law that a Captain has authority over the passengers of his ship, and summoned the Titanic Captian back from the Light and got his agreement to assist. I was going to do a formal group ritual.. but then while I was thinking about it on thursday I realized I had already started it in my mind, so I went ahead spontaneous. That is my usual style.. do it when the inspiration energy is fresh.. But I didn't want to mention it till I'd gotten some confirmation..

   Thursday afternoon, at the bottom of the cold dark sea...
   Captain Edward John Smith was on deck, assisting with his intentions, lending his authority.

    The Titanic went thru the portal, or the portal moved down the length of it.. it got kind of stuck 2/3 of the way along, and I called in more assistance .. angels shoved it thru the rest of the way..
   (Note: sometime later, I discovered that the Titanic had broken into 2 pieces while sinking, 2/3 of the way down it's length. Then I understood why it had gotten stuck. Didn't realize I had to repair the boat before sailing it again.. LOL~~!!)

    Once thru the portal, she rose/ emerged on a beautiful sunlit arctic sea. She finished the voyage, and sailed into port in a higher dimension, in all her regal glory, banners waving, band playing on deck.. her maiden voyage, completed at last.. and every single soul, even the many stowaways, was met on shore by people they loved, who loved them, and angels.. and taken to where they needed to be, to continue their evolution.
    The Captain turned it over to Goddess, and went back into the light. The voyage was meant to be his final one, before retiring.

   My inner eye turned to it yesterday.. in port in another dimension, empty but for a few angels/spirits playing "Sailor". Polishing the railings, and such.. I wondered what Goddess has planned for it, next.. it seemed to be waiting... getting cleaned up..

    After I wrote this post, (edited from a private correspondence) last night I fell into a deep trance meditation on the mirror image of the planet that is in my heart.. clearing anything I found.

    Looking for feedback.. anybody tuned into planetary wandering spooks and such, check out their numbers for me?
   The weather is cloudy, but the planet somehow seemed a little lighter, a little brighter, when I awoke this morning.


A Final Comment.

   Several months later, I attended a Native Ritual on Vancouver Island and ended up sending many cranky Native Ancestors into the light so their descendants could have peace. My host thanked me by giving me a beautiful Sacred Spirit Drum, that I am still a little in awe of.
   As a result of this work, I got a unique insight into *part* of the cause of the shocking Aboriginal suicide rates, worldwide.
    While it is true that most aboriginal cultures have suffered horribly from European takeover, and have plenty of reasons for despair.. I sympathise and do not wish to minimize their suffering. However, it is also true that throughout history there have been nations conquering other nations, from Ghengis Khan to the Roman Empire. Most cultures do not respond with suicide.
   What I discovered is that the Aboriginals are suffering from an unexpected side effect of ancestor worship. Many Native ancestors did not understand that they were supposed to go into the Light, after death. They thought that they were supposed to hang around, give strength to the Tribe and make sure their descendents kept to the old ways.
   A spirit who has not gone into the light, is not a worthy guide. They still have ego issues and attachments, they are still acting on their own agenda. They do not see reality clearly, or the passage of time: rather they see it through the lens of their own memories and opinions.
   The result of this is that most natives who are incarnate at this time, are likely to be haunted by several thousand ghosts of their ancestors acting like too many Mother-in-Laws.. pressuring their descendents to keep to the old ways.. That are gone forever.
    A few weeks after that, I was approached by an international group of Native Shaman who were Ascended Masters working on the "Purification" These Spirits asked me to assist the process by continuing to be a portal for Native ghosts. I was thinking of the legend of a Spirit canoe, taking the dead into the afterworld.. I offered them the Titanic. "Too White." They said. I laughed at this comment and agreed with them, but also pointed out that the Titanic was a perfect example of White Man's arrogant "Dominion on Nature" attitudes getting a severe spanking by Goddess.

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