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"In Western society, many people associate the word Shaman with a masked and costumed tribal person who dances around the fire in the dark, accompanied by drumbeats, in a naive, mysterious ritual. In reality, however, the individual Shaman -apart from his cultural shell of mask, costume and ritual- possesses a very real skill, one that distinguishes him from other types of religous practitioners.
   All true Shamans are able to achieve expanded states of awareness, visionary perceptions of what tribal people often call the spirit world. They usually exercise this unusual ability to heal members of their communities -spiritually, psychologically, and physically. Directed by strong, altruistic motivations, the traditional Shaman is a master of trance."
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   Shamanism works with Spirits and psychic abilities to guide and heal.

   Many people take a course on Shamanism, and call themselves a Shaman. This is not true Shamanism, it is a "New age" distortion of an ancient mystical art.
   A true Shaman is chosen by the Spirits, and goes through a spiritual initiation that includes a bout of life threatening illness, called "Shamanic sickness", where the initiate is cleansed and tested for their worthiness to be a Shaman. Approximately 1/3 of people who have this experience, do not survive the initiation. If the initiate survives this testing, they are then taught by the spirits, directly.

   Angelique is a True Shaman.
    In 1993 while visiting the Pyramid of Chichen Itza, she did psychometry on the ancient Idol of Chacmool the Rain God of the Yucatan. She unexpectedly woke him up, and experienced a frightening, classic Shamanic initiation, including a severe bout of Shamanic sickness. She survived, and over a period of several years, received training as a Shaman from the rain God of the Yucatan. As the Ancient Mayan culture is extinct, Chacmool adapted her training to what would be useful and appropriate to modern times. At the end of her training, she was guided through a bloodless version of the heart sacrifice that was the King making ritual of the Ancient Mayans.

   Angelique can travel through the underworld, the realm of the dead and speak with spirits. In exchange for her mortal heart, she was given a Spiritual heart which is best described by the Grail legend. When she is working on you, you will likely feel her heartbeat in your body, as the Grail does its work. Angelique is at one with the Earth, and can tune into any being on the Earth; human, animal, spirit or location. She can time-travel into the past to heal old traumas, and channel your own Higher Self.

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Angelique is not a medical Doctor or a psychiatrist.
Angelique does not prescribe drugs or do surgery.
Intuitive healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine.
It is in *some* cases an alternative, more often a complement to conventional medicine.
Empathic healing is sometimes able to help people where conventional medicine has failed,
but it is still advisable to see a Doctor for your symptoms.
"Trust to Allah but tie up the camels."
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