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Healing the Inner Child.
   The child within us never dies or grows up. You can learn to re-parent your inner child by calling on your Higher Self to be its Faerie Godmother, and heal yourself through time.

   Do you or did you:

  • Have a very difficult childhood?
  • Experience physical, sexual or emotional abuse as a child?
  • Feel like you have lost your sense of play?
  • Have memories missing from your childhood?
  • Lose a parent when you were very young?
  • Lose a sibling when you were very young?
  • Have a sense of your child self?
  • Have a persistent sense that some part of yourself is lonely or unhappy?

       Angelique's work with the inner child takes many forms. The most potent of these, is a simple visualization ritual first created by John Bradshaw called "Re-parenting your inner child". Angelique has led many people through this ritual, always with positive, lasting results.
       In this ritual, Angelique will put you in touch with your inner child, and then help you to manifest a "Faerie Godparent" for your child, which is an older, wiser, gentler aspect of yourself. It is a way of getting in touch with your Higher, Spirit Self and putting your child-self into its infinitely loving care.
       The most amazing aspect of this ritual, is that because your Higher Self is Spirit, outside of time, it can truly heal the past. The past will not actually change, but your interpretation of the past will change. The memories of old emotional wounds are healed. You gain a new understanding of how past events truly served your highest good, even though they may have been painful at the time.

       Angelique also helps people to regain forgotten aspects of their childhood, through guided visualization, Soul Retrieval and Time travel work.

       In the case of deceased parents, she uses her Shamanic, Spiritual talents to help you to become aware that death cannot separate us from those who love us. You can regain the lost parent, as a Spiritual Guide who has always been with you, watching over you as you grew.

       Angelique says "It is never too late, to have a happy childhood!"

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    Angelique is not a medical Doctor or a psychiatrist.
    Angelique does not prescribe drugs or do surgery.
    Intuitive healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine.
    It is in *some* cases an alternative, more often a complement to conventional medicine.
    Empathic healing is sometimes able to help people where conventional medicine has failed,
    but it is still advisable to see a Doctor for your symptoms.
    "Trust to Allah but tie up the camels."
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