Psychic Services by Angelique: Psychic Healer. Spiritual Guide. Kundalini Shaman.
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   Channeling, psychic guidance, spiritual training.

Are you:

  • Having psychic experiences that confuse and frighten you?
  • Feeling burdened with sins (Karma) that you fear may never be forgiven?
  • Desiring to get in touch with your Guardian Angels, Higher Self and Spiritual Guides?
  • Wanting to open your own psychic abilities?
  • Needing guidance or advice in any area of your life?
  • Seeking to learn how to heal yourself and others?

       Angelique has been serving as a Psychic and Spiritual guide for those in need, since she was a teenager. She is able to channel all types of Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirits, and Divine beings, including the Higher Selves of the people she works with. In this way, she can guide you and help you to make the important decisions in your life. She can offer you an alternative, Higher perspective on the events in your life and relationships so you can come to terms with them.

       Angelique is often called upon by other psychics and healers, to teach her unique style of energy healing and intuitive guidance. She has more than ten years experience teaching Spirituality and training others in the use of their own Divine abilities.

       Angelique can help you in any area of your life, your relationships, and facilitate your Spiritual evolution with her unique and amazing intuitive gifts.
        Angelique can open the voice of the Heart chakra within you, what Gandhi called "The still, small voice within." It is also referred to as the "Inner Guru. It is the voice of your own Divine Self, and can be awakened to be your lifelong guide and personal BS detector. The Heart may communicate in words or feelings, or both. It always speaks the truth, it speaks of the path of love, loves you unconditionally.. and It knows everything.

       Angelique says: "I offer guidance from my own Inner Voice, but it is always so beautiful to open the Heart Voice of others, so they may know how fully and deeply they are truly loved. So they may have a personal, direct relationship with their own Divinity."

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