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Soul Retrieval
Sometimes, under stress, we give our power away and parts of ourselves get lost.

   Do you:

  • Have memories missing from your childhood?
  • Feel dis-empowered by an abusive situation?
  • Feel like some part of you is missing or lost?
  • Suffer from unexplained feelings of sadness, anger or guilt?
  • Feel sometimes like you are two different people?
  • Feel drained of energy, like there is an invisible leech on you?
  • Having a hard time recovering from a trauma?
  • Feel like you are not fully in your body?
  • Feel like you do not belong in your body, or on this planet?
  • Feel "possessed"?
  • Feel fragmented?

       If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you may need to experience Soul Retrieval.

       The human consciousness and spirit are a very complex system. Sometimes some parts of the individual psyche or spirit can become fragmented, become buried in the unconscious or lost in time or space. They can be stolen by trauma or abuse. They can be lost while fleeing from a painful situation. They can be repressed because they are judged negatively by the maturing ego.

       Soul retrieval is a gentle, Shamanic process to recover these lost parts of yourself and re-integrate them with you, so you can feel whole again.

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    Angelique is not a medical Doctor or a psychiatrist.
    Angelique does not prescribe drugs or do surgery.
    Intuitive healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine.
    It is in *some* cases an alternative, more often a complement to conventional medicine.
    Empathic healing is sometimes able to help people where conventional medicine has failed,
    but it is still advisable to see a Doctor for your symptoms.
    "Trust to Allah but tie up the camels."
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