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Energy Work.
   Angelique does Reiki, Chi healing, Aura cleansing, energy balancing and Shaktipat.

Chi, Reiki, Shakti, Karma and Grace.

   Energy healing and balancing uses three primary types of energy.
   One type is the air energy, which is called chi, ki, orgone or prana. There are many names for it, but these all refer to the same type of energy, the ambient life energy that things are made of. Chi is used a lot in martial arts, and in different forms of meditation, magic and healing, such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Rei-ki.

   Chi can be increased by these disciplines as well as other types of breathing and visualizations. The more chi you have, the healthier you will be. Chi is carried by the wind, and that is why a breeze can feel so invigorating. There is more chi in a forest or on a mountaintop and that is why it feels so good to be there.

   Chi energy is not intelligent, it needs to be directed. A Martial arts Master can show you a good example of what Chi can do. He or she can build up their Chi and focus it to break a ton of ice with their forehead, or shatter a stone with their hand. Feats that would be impossible to do, with muscular strength alone.

   Reiki is Chi/Ki energy that has been given purpose and direction by the use of symbols and intentions. To channel Reiki one must be initiated. Symbols and intentions are imprinted within the channeler that to direct the chi to empower and heal. In her work Angelique channels both Reiki and focused Chi energy to to clear your Karma. She is also a Shaktipat Master, which means she can also channel Kundalini Shakti energy.

   Shakti is very different, because you cannot tell The Shakti what to do. The Shakti has its own cosmic intelligence that is infinitely wiser than any human being. It takes whatever form is needed by the recipient.

   When Chi and Shakti energy are very abundant, radiant from a purified body, the result is what we call "Grace". Grace is an effortless synchronicity and bliss that comes from being the vessel of Divine Spiritual energy.

   Angelique writes: "Most people find that being around me, reading my writing or looking at my photo is very relaxing and uplifting. The joy of Grace comes through, and they experience increased synchronicity and miracles. A very few people feel worse, because the Shakti pushes on their blockages and brings up their Karma to be healed. Their own Spirit is trying to motivate them to ask me for help."

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Angelique is not a medical Doctor or a psychiatrist.
Angelique does not prescribe drugs or do surgery.
Intuitive healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine.
It is in *some* cases an alternative, more often a complement to conventional medicine.
Empathic healing is sometimes able to help people where conventional medicine has failed,
but it is still advisable to see a Doctor for your symptoms.
"Trust to Allah but tie up the camels."
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