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Experience of a crystal layout.

    Angelique says: "I asked one of my beloveds to write his experience of my energy work, when I was doing a crystal layout on him."
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Sun, 10 Nov. 1996

Subject: Energy Rebuild In Progress...Done!

    I'd like to relate my energy experience that I had with Mystress Angelique. I'm not "up" on Kundalini, so I'm not familiar with the jargon. I hope you an bear with me and to the appropriate translations as I recount my tale.

    First, some background. About a month ago, I was trying to establish the relationship between the tiny but infinite "white light" I see inside myself, and the "universal" White Light that I've been taught to "attach" to to draw energy from. Drawing from Mystress' power so that I could "access" my Council of Druids, (Spirit Guides) I asked them the question. They were confused by it. "It's the same thing!" So I was left with trying to live with the apparent paradox of "External Energy is the Same Thing as Internal Energy".

    Now, last night. I was experiencing Mystress' meteorite glass. Of course, it has a very different energy than other crystals. Others are "attached" to the Earth(/Gaia), and of course this piece is not of the earth, so it is "space-bound". I allowed myself to ride along with what it was showing me. I saw mainly utter blackness (after all, that's what most of "outer space" is), but got the impression that this void as a LONG WAY from earth.

   Then, Mystress began to add more crystals. Once again, Her considerable energy allowed the Council of Druids to access me. At this point, it gets hard to explain "who's doing what", because, as I found out mere moments later, the energy in the Druids, the crystals, and even in Mystress, are all the same thing. The appearance of power (as in Mystress) results from the ability to access that universal energy (which She does very well!)

    Basically, the Druids were using the crystals to channel Mystress' energy to me to allow them to "re-make me from scratch" (they seemed quite fascinated by their work). It went like this:

    I started by seeing the "big-bang" - the point when the entire universe was a single event of energy. Then, the stars/galaxies/ planets began to "spin off". But unlike the "Physics 101" version, the original energy was NOT diluted as is "split off" - the entire energy of that first instance was in every star, every planet... (BTW, I had not taken drugs of any kind, except for a glass of rum. All this was due to Mystress and Her energy). Also, since time is not real, I realized that that first universal outpouring of energy, that "big bang", exists RIGHT NOW.

    Then, as I began to understand how this "Universal Energy" was in all things in the universe, it entered my body. The same energy that was the "Big Bang" came in my feet and up my body in one huge KA-BANG! Needless to say, the resulting jolt knocked most of the crystals off. I understood that in that split-second, my essence had been "rebuilt" from the Universal Energy, just as it always was.

    Mystress was asking me about DNA helixes, but I didn't really see that in this experience. I saw events in "pure energy", with little or no attachments to physical reality. I noted that my body is just an "interface" between my Real Self and this rather insignificant plane we seem to think is so important.

    Well, that was it. I spent quite a while trying to adjust my physical body to the new inner self, and trying to take in and understand all that I experienced. The experience still blows me away - WOW! The energy in that room that night was incredible. Mystress seems like a catalyst that allows all this to happen - I'm not sure even She understands just how powerful She is.


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