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The snake oil joke.
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Mystress Serpent's Amazing karma cleaning snake oil miracle soap

I hope seeing this gave you a giggle.

The banner and title of this site is one manifestation of a long running joke, That I find funny on many levels. It is a mental image of myself as the old sideshow pitchman on a box promoting the miraculous powers of Mystress Angelique Serpent's karma cleaning snake oil soap" for an old time travelling medicine show.

"Contains no snake oil.." That is funny, too.

    It first came to mind as a silly thought years ago, when I was rendering tallow to make my very first batch of soap. As many times as I have tried to reject it as being too silly and absurd to be actualized, it just keeps coming back in new and different forms and so I have surrendered to it, as a Directive of Divine Will, even if it does seem completely illogical and absurd. (Love something, set it free, let it go, and see what comes back... hate something, do the same. )

Before I had even made my first batch, I mentioned my new hobby to the tantra students enrolled in my online course.. In my tantra school, I teach people to release or cleanse themselves of their karma, and assist them to do so with Shaktipat, which is the transmission of spiritual energy. (Kundalini Shakti) I did not mention karma or snake oil, but this is the response I got:

Hey maybe you could market it on your website as FST Soap-" Wash your karma away with Mystress' Marvelous Soap"- Forget snake oil...this is serpent soap!!!

I responded: Oh, that is funny... I have been reading about soap making for a few months, gradually gathering what I need and getting courage to handle lye. I was writing to one of my Priestesses a few days ago and it karma clearing soap joke occurred to me, including the snake oil part... I laughed and surrendered it. Gave love to the idea of simple, pure beautiful soap, with oatmeal and bentonite clay added. No magic required but simple sensory pleasure in the moment of bathing. Few days or web pages of research later, Goddess gave it back. I read it is a tradition in the far east to give gifts of handmade soap, to wash bad luck away. Heh.. and now you. That makes three.

Well, I am going to make some soap. If Goddess wants to enhance the result, then She will. Sounds like She plans to... heh. Surrender that too. Blessings!

I look for synchronicities to come in threes... 3rd synch, I got thoughtful but still considered the idea too absurd to be real...

Making soap gives me a unique satisfaction that I don't understand, and cannot describe. I often gaze at my soap curing, to get the soapers fix of this vast power chakra glow of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction that is my navigation system telling me I am on the right path.

The healing spiritual energy I am a channel for follows my attention... so everything around me carries a charge of Shakti, including my house and clothes but most especially anything creative I do... The energy seems to go into the soap, it buzzes and glows.

I still find the idea very funny and far too absurd to be real .. but, it kind of is... real. I noticed some time ago, Every time I think of that silly karma soap joke, my hands heat up like they do for a healing session and the energy goes into the soap on the curing shelf! My soap buzzes with Shakti energy... Shakti cleans karma and I am making soap that carries Shakti fire whether I want it to or not... and there is some magical perfection in doing spiritual cleansing via ritual bathing. There is something quite perfect in that the karma that may be triggered washes down the drain instead of flowing to me!

   I make great soap, too... I got testimonials! LOL!! That is funny too...

    The symbol of Kundalini, is a serpent. My job is to help the evolutionary process that is Kundalini awakening progress smoother and more quickly. People have joked that I'm a snake charmer, or that I'm aplying snake oil, oil the K snakes so they go smooth.

What is also funny is that since I started making soap, I have lost 10 lbs. Someone suggested I might be symbolically putting my own fat into the soap... ??? So maybe it does contain some snake oil. Oil of Serpent...BWAHAHAAAAAahahahaaaaa hehehee heh.

That one is extra funny because I am a fan of the movie "Fight Club." In the movie these guys steal bags of human fat from the trash bin of a liposuction clinic and make soap with it. They sell the soap to department store cosmetic counters, in their words "selling the rich ladies fat asses back to them."

Another funny is that the old medicine show potions were sometimes placebo, sometimes poison, but sometimes fairly sensible folk remedies that are still in use. Clark Stanley's Snake Oil . Clark Stanley made big show at the World's Fair around the turn of the century, killing hundreds of rattlesnakes, supposedly brewing his snake oil liniment on site. Someone got suspicious and tested it. It contained no snake oil, or oil of any other kind of reptile, but it had a lot of hot pepper. Capsicum, the fiery ingredient in hot peppers is still used in muscle rubs today.

There is something really, perfect about making soap, about putting this immense creative energy that sparks stuff, into something luxurious and beautiful to wash with. The stuff released goes down the drain, washes away in fragrant bubbles. I also find something very enjoyable about doing an art form that is impermanent by nature, that is meant to be used up! It is so different than doing "archival" art that is supposed to last a few hundred years, like cement, glass or painting. Very light and playful.

"Mystress Angelique Serpent's Karmic Cleansing Snake Oil Miracle Soap" (Contains no snake oil) is silly and it makes me giggle... it is just so absurd and funny and impossible to the point of fraudulent... and while I am laughing at the very idea of doing something so absurd, Goddess is switching on the tools in the palms of my hands, they pulse and heat up like in a session but it is blasting the soap!

That is the funniest part of all... for folks who are sensitive to Shakti, it really is karma cleaning miracle soap... and for folks who are not... it is all snake oil!


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Mystress Serpent's Amazing karma cleaning snake oil miracle soap
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